Fullerton Bike Ride

The concept behind this is from Xtine Burrough’s Cal State Fullerton web design course. Our assignment (if I remember correctly) was to take photos of all the letters in the alphabet and create our first blog. My theme is a theme I had more recently developed a passion for: views without a vehicle.

Growing up in the suburbs, walking was unheard of. As time went on, I suffered the loss of a car, and then realized how incredible the view from a bike was. Soon afterward, I trained for a marathon and grew to appreciate the view from a pedestrian, and have since realized that traveling sans vehicle can provide really incredible, humorous, and memorable sites.

Please do check out Xtine’s site, and if you have a chance, take her classes, she’s really excellent at teaching & inspiring.

Xtine Burroughs’ website: http://www.missconceptions.net/